QNB100 NB IOT Modem

QNB100 series NB-IoT Terminal is a kind of Internet of things device that provides data transfer by public NB-IoT network. It adopts high-powered industrial 32-bits CPU, multi-layer software detection and hardware protection mechanism to ensure reliability and stability of the device. It supports carrier NB-IoT network, with rich and flexible interfaces, such as RS232(or TTL), RS485, GPIO.

Key Features

1. Support NB-IoT cellular network
2. Low power consumption design
3. Serial port RS232(or TTL), RS485, I/O
4. NB-IoT wide indoor coverage area capability
5. cost-effective for products design
6. Watchdog, Anti-drop mechanism, protect data real-time online
7. Easy deployment by configuration tool
8. Industrial grade desigh, wide Voltage, temperature resistance, 32-bits CPU, ESD


1. Interface: 1*RS232 (or TTL), 1*RS485, 3*I/O, 1*SIM/UIM,1*SMA Antenna

2. NB-IoT Band: B5:850MHz; B8:900MHz; B20:800MHz

3. Voltage Range: DC 5~36V

4. Housing: Metal, IP30

5. Dimensions: 87.5*61.5*16mm

6. Weight: 120g

7. Operating Temperature: -40~+85ºC

8. Relative Humidity: < 95%

9. Serial Baud Rate: 4800-256000 bps

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