Remote Management System (Cloud Platform)

The Remote Manage System (Cloud Platform) is based on cloud computing technology and provides customers with scaled terminal equipment management services for Qixiang series router. It is a self-running platform enable operators, agents and integrator easily manage wireless router and terminal devices.

Qixiang router connect with IoT devices which have scale quantity and deployed in multiple places, it require online monitoring and quick reaction for any router’s down time, remote configurate/batch manage router’s setting. Qixiang Remote Mangement System (Cloud Platform) is a ideal IoT connectivity solution help you remote monitor router online status and configurate router’s setting, reduce engineer onsite visit, save the cost and time. 

Basic Features of Cloud Platform

  • Real-time online monitoring and device management
  • Comprehensive device operating information, including online status, IP, port, traffic, network mode, signal strength and so on
  • Multiple positioning modes such as GPS, Base station and WiFi, easy deployment for project
  • Remote parameter configuration, support batch configuration
  • Remote parameter backup and log query
  • Support device remote reboot and schedule reboot
  • Remote firmware upgrade, TCP/UDP/FTP upgrade modes
  • Statistics report of online ratio, traffic statistics, signal statistics, online/offline record, etc
  • Portal advertising remote update and authentication
  • Security and user authority management


  • Easily and flexibility managed by Web access
  • Management capability of over 1,000,000 devices at the same time
  • Flexible statistics report by month, day, hour
  • Remote management help machine fault location & immediate troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits, reduce labor cost
  • Cost-effective and time-effective for easy deployment
  • Return on invest

Supporting Products by Cloud Platform

Industrial Cellular Router Series

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