• Qixiang constructed S/N number and MAC address database for all sold products according to each order and shipment date, for clearly checking warranty time for all products.
  • Qixiang Products are offered warranty except for artificial damage.
  • Warranty period starts since the Customer, Distributor and Reseller original purchased date. The warranty period is 12 months from shipping date and is no longer than 13 months.
    Note: if you need warranty extension service, please contact sales person for the price.
  • Return Material Authorization(RMA) is required for warranty process. Qixiang sales person/distributors/resellers record the Serial Number (S/N) of products to identify warranty. If you need to return product, please contact your sales person/distributors/resellers to get RMA form and number, fill out related information, then send email to: support@keennew.com, put the copy of RMA form together with returned products.

Warranty Limited
Qixiang products are warranted to be free for manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship starting from the date of delivery.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions.
  • Failure to follow the product instructions.
  • Abuse firmware upgrade without the authorized technician’s guidance.
  • Artificial damage.

Warranty Expired

  • Warranty is void if purchase from unauthorized distributor or reseller.
  • Warranty is void for mishandling, improper use, or defacing the product.
  • Warranty is void for physical damage, altered, either internally or externally, improper or inadequate packaging when returned for RMA purposes.
  • Warranty is void if damage has resulted from accident, dismantle, abuse, or service or modification by someone other than the appointed vendor, souse, fission or the spare part has been over the period of warranty.
  • Warranty is void if product is damaged due to improper working environment or operation. (For example, improper temperature, humidity, unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, failure or fluctuation of electrical power, static electricity, using wrong power adapter, etc.)
  • Damage caused by improper installation of third-party products.
  • Warranty is void if damaged for irresistible cause, such as earthquake, fire, lightning, flood, etc.
  • Product beyond warranty period.

Replacement Service

  • Replacement is accepted within two months from the shipping date, if customers want replacement service, please contact Qixiang sales person/distributors/resellers and follow their policy.
  • Our technicians will inspect all products returned for replacement requests. If the returned product is found working well, we will return the same item. And customers shall be responsible for all shipping & handling charges incurred for getting the units back to customers.
  • If returned products are found defective, we will replace the product and take the shipping cost for sending back the replacement unit to customers.
  • For any reason, if we are not able to provide a replacement of the original products. You can choose “substitution” product at the same price.
  • Replaced products are warranted from the balance of the former warranty period.

Repair Service Out Of Warranty

  • Qixiang provide extra repair service for product that out of warranty, it is chargeable. The total fee contains device cost and service fee. Device cost (including accessories) is the standard uniform price provide by Qixiang.
  • Our technicians will quote the total price after detect the product, If customers refused to repair after the quotation, Qixiang doesn’t have any obligation to keep RMA products.
  • Repaired product out of warranty will obtains 3-months warranty from the date of the product back to customers.


Shipping Charge

In warranty:

  • When the defective rate less than 5% in one shipment, customer undertakes the local cost and the freight cost back to Qixiang, and Qixiang undertakes the local cost, repair fee and the freight cost back.
  • When the defective rate between 5%-20%, Qixiang undertake the repair fee and the freight cost back and forth
    Out of warranty:
  • If the faulty products out of warranty, customer undertakes custom duty both sides, repair fee, parts fee and the freight cost back and forth.

Repairing Charge

  • For product within warranty: Qixiang will not charge any repairing fee.
  • For product out of warranty: Customer needs to pay repairing fee according to Qixiang repair cost confirmation, including components cost and labor cost.


The following guideline is for warranty work performed.

1. Return Material Authorization (RMA) Form

1). Contact Qixiang sales manager or support engineer to obtain an RMA number, if can’t not find the contact person, please send email to: support@keennew.com

2). Fill out RMA Form and put the hard copy with returned products.

3). Email send a copy of the RMA form to Qixiang.

4). Return the authorized products per shipping instructions. Avoid increasing freight cost, all RMA products returned without any accessories, such as adapter, battery, inter box.

5) Our After-sale team will process your request

2. Pay Repairing Charge

  • For product out of warranty, customer need pay repairing charge according to Qixiang repair cost confirmation within 5 working days. Then Qixiang will go ahead the process.
  • Qixiang doesn’t have any obligation to keep RMA products if customer does not sign back repair cost confirmation form after 30 days.

3. Qixiang Return Repaired products

  • Qixiang inform customer when repairing is finished. Customer should reply return address for shipment within 3 working days.
  • Qixiang arrange shipment according to customer’s instruction.
  • Qixiang doesn’t have any obligation to keep repaired products after 30 days since Qixiang inform customer repair finish.