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Qixiang Technology Co., Ltd specialize in providing Industrial Cellular and Wireless Connectivity Product and Service for Internet of Thing (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) application. Our products supply global market with good quality and reasonable price, following strict standard and certification.

IIoT Product

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity product

Industrial 4G/LTE Router

Qixiang 4G Router are industrial grade, cost effective product, easy to deploy with fast speed, high quality, 24*7 connectivity, security data transmission, stability performance. Optimized 4G/LTE/Wired/WiFi network for reliable wireless connectivity for professional M2M & IoT applications(M2M/IoT).

Industrial 5G Router

Qixiang 5G Router are industrial grade, super high speed product, it is easy to deploy with fast speed, high quality, 24*7 connectivity, security data transmission, stability performance. Optimized 5G/LTE CAT20/Wired/Dual Bands WiFi(2.4G&5.8G) network for reliable wireless connectivity for professional M2M & IoT applications(M2M/IoT) which request fast speed internet.

Serial to Ethernet Modem

Serial to IP Modem(DTU)

Serial to IP/Ethernet Modems are industrial grade, cost effective products with WiFi and Wired Ethernet, Serial port RS232 RS485 options. Product design meets the industrial standard, built-in TCP/IP, Transparent Transmission, Modbus RTU/TCP and other protocols.

m2m platform

Remote Management System (RMS, Cloud Platform)

Remote Management System is based on cloud computing technology and provides customers with scaled terminal equipment management services for Qixiang Series Router and other devices. It is a self-running platform enable operators, agents and integrator easily manage wireless router and terminal devices.


Qixiang supply various accessories options, such as Cellular Antenna, WiFi Antenna, GPS Antenna, Din Rail Mounting Kit, Power Adapter. Which works with Qixiang 4G/3G router and modem, make it easily installed in industrial environment and find the best signal location to provide reliable, flexible performance for mission-critical cellular communication.


Qixiang Technology provide high performance, high quality and cost-effective industrial cellular/LTE/4G/WiFi products for IoT and M2M wireless conectivity application.

Technical post

Qixiang Technology provide modem router with multiple technology to meet complicated request from IoT and M2M wireless conectivity application.

Industrial 4G Router vs Consumer 4G Router

4G routers are wireless networking devices that use 4G mobile networks to provide Internet access and connectivity for a wide range of applications. Industrial 4G routers and consumer 4G routers are two types of 4G routers that are designed for different types of users and environments. Understanding the key differences between these two types of routers can help you choose […]

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M2M and IoT

What is M2M and IoT? M2M stands for “machine-to-machine” and refers to the ability of devices or machines to communicate and exchange data with each other without the need for human intervention. IOT stands for the “Internet of Things” and refers to the growing network of connected devices that are able to collect and share data over the internet. These […]

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What is GRE tunneling?

What is GRE? Generic Routing Encapsulation, or GRE, is a protocol for encapsulating data packets that use one routing protocol inside the packets of another protocol. “Encapsulating” means wrapping one data packet within another data packet, like putting a box inside another box. GRE is one way to set up a direct point-to-point connection across a network, for the purpose […]

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