Industrial Automation


Industrial automation technology is a kind of application of control theory, instruments, computers and other information technologies to realize the detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making of industrial production processes, to achieve the purposes of increasing output, improving quality, reducing consumption, ensuring safety, etc. It including three main parts: monitoring and control system, remote service center and network connectivity infrastructure.

Monitoring and control system include sensors to measure and collect running status of production process, then transfer data to remote service center, remote service center obtain data, complete centralized management such as remote control, remote monitoring, trend analysis for management decision.


Qixiang industrial router provide a reliable network connection for industrial automation. It is easy to deploy and continuously stable operation in industrial harsh environment.


  • Easy to deploy, avoid wired network infrastructure constrained
  • Compatible with industrial device with serial RS232/485, Ethernet port
  • Delivers high-speed, reliable and secure 4G/3G/2G network
  • Auto-recovery ensures always-on reliability for 7*24 hours operation
  • Cost-effective and time-effective for easy deployment and relocation
  • Ensure transaction data security
  • Easy to improve the organizational efficiency, hastening speed to market and better serving customers
  • Return on invest

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