Smart Grid


Increased electrical energy consumption accelerate grid build, more and more electrical grid construction and equipment maintenance under complex terrain conditions require “Smart Grid”. Smart Grid is powerful and need connect a lot of sensors/PLC to monitor electrical infrastructure as high-voltage transmission lines, transformer substation, distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, distribution automation, electrical meter, etc. Voltage, Power and Current data of Smart Grid need to continuously collected and sent to control center by M2M device through cellular network or land line, so as to observing and taking necessary actions if electrical parameter are not within the scheduled limits, improve service and efficiency.


Due to lots of M2M devices need to connected and they are located in remote and distributed environments, wired network monitoring is not realistic. Qixiang router use public cellular network connectivity for Smart Grid M2M device, thanks to reliable and real-time 4g/3g network between device and monitor center, Conventional Grid transform into Smart Grid.


  • Provide the stable, reliable, high speed 4G/3G network
  • Easy to deploy, avoid wired network infrastructure constrained
  • Electric shock protection
  • Strong adaptability to environment, work stable under harsh environment
  • Serial RS232/485 and Ethernet interface, compatible with lots of sensors/plc
  • Auto-recovery ensures always-on reliability for 7*24 hours
  • Machine fault location & immediate troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits
  • Cost-effective and time-effective for deployment and relocation
  • Return on invest
  • Support Remote monitoring, reboot, configuration, upgrade, etc

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