Oil & Gas Well Remote Monitoring


Oil and Gas Well feature harsh industrial environments and their working status sensor such as gas meter, SCADA system, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, motor current sensor, voltage sensor, pumping unit load, displacement sensor unmanned devices are geographically spaced out. The related people have to real-time monitor the working status of all the machines, to detect the any faults as soon as possible, reduce the downtime and maintenance cost.


Qixiang router connect all sensor devices in Oil and Gas well by cellular network, help companies captured sensor data and transfer them to managing center. Engineer can easily monitor and manage in-time manage all machines to reduce the security danger of Oil/Gas fields, improve operating efficiency.


  • Easy to deploy, avoid wired network infrastructure constrained
  • Strong adaptability to environment, work stable under harsh environment
  • Serial RS232/485 and Ethernet interface, compatible with industrial equipment
  • Auto-recovery ensures always-on reliability for 7*24 hours
  • Cost-effective and time-effective for deployment and relocation
  • Support Remote monitoring, reboot, configuration, upgrade, etc

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