QX210 Industrial 4G Router for Singapore CCTV Video Surveillance System

Singapore is a highly developed city, and its urban infrastructure ranks first in the world. In recent years, in order to solve the conflict caused by small city spaces with large populations, smart city infrastructure has been vigorously developed in order to improve the efficiency of urban management and social security.

This client is a CCTV Video Surveillance System integrator in Singapore, his project is not only in business buildings but also in many outside and open areas such as shopping malls, factory sites, streets, stations, parks, etc. Because most of these places are not convenient or very expensive to build a wired Ethernet network, so he is looking for a reliable communication module for his system.

After receiving this request, we do an analysis and find that the basic customer request includes: 1. Flexible internet connectivity anywhere. 2. High reliable router to work in an extreme environment. 3. Remote connect with CCTV camera from office. So we recommend QX210 to clients and make them successfully implemented. QX210 is an industrial grade 4G router, it provides internet by using public a 4G network. Watchdog and always online functions make sure the router is always connecting, reduce engineer on-site maintenance. As the client can get public IP from Singapore cellular operator, so he uses QX210 DDNS function to build remote networking between the office and CCTV camera. The small size of 98×70×25mm makes it easy to install in any cabinet and plug in other machines.

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