Smart Locker/Self-Service Express Box


Because of electronic commerce boom all over the world, express logistic developing fast accordingly in recent years. Regarding to this situation, hand over the parcel face to face being unrealistic. Thanks to the development of IoT and M2M technology, smart locker/intelligent express box being popular to solve the “last kilometer” problem, this solution consists express box, network and Logistics Management Platform three parts. When parcel arrives the express box, system collect related information and send mobile number and package information to customer/courier through network and logistics management platform, enable the receiver pick up parcel conveniently.

Express box located in many public places such as community, apartment, office building and so on for better service customer. Traditional wired (ADSL/Fiber) network to cover express box being difficult and expensive, because it need to built wired network infrastructure.


That is the reason we need Qixiang router to solve this issue, with industrial rugged housing and high speed 4G network, Qixiang router provide reliable mobile network connection form express box communication and data transmission, it is the most import part of Smart Locker system. Always on line and Cloud-based platform monitoring/maintain enable the router continuously provide network service for Smart Locker.


  • Delivers high-speed, reliable and secure 4G/3G/2G network for express box
  • Industrial design for harsh working environment
  • Auto-recovery ensures always-on reliability for 7*24 hours service
  • Easy deploy, avoid wired network infrastructure constrained
  • Cost-effective and time-effective for easy deployment and relocation
  • Machine fault location & immediate troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits
  • Ensure transaction data security
  • Return on invest

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