Fleet Mangement


Logistics Industry is developing fast, fleet management problems such as driver and vehicle safety, accident analysis, vehicle positioning and scheduling, driving safety being more and more serious, which require new technology providing monitoring and positioning data for scientific management of vehicles.


Qixiang industrial router provide mobile network connectivity with vehicle surveillance, which can remote monitor and ensure the safety of driving. Embedded GPS function letting logistics enterprises and customers know the positioning of vehicles, delivery data and real-time vehicle condition, improve the efficient of logistics enterprises, reduce waste of oil consumption, gain more benefit for both logistics companies and customer.


  • Work with vehicle surveillance for remote morning, reduce accident
  • Vehicle Scheduling improve transportation efficiency
  • Worldwide 4G high speed network access
  • Cloud-based platform make it easy to management
  • Cost-effective and time-effective for easy deployment and relocation
  • Support Remote monitoring, reboot, configuration, upgrade, etc

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