Video Surveillance


According to fast development of logistics, road infrastructure and increase in the number of vehicles put great pressure on the urban road system and led to more frequent accidents. With the IoT and video surveillance technology development, intelligent transportation system help solve a series of transportation problems and accidents. The reliable, flexible network connectivity is the key portion of intelligent transportation system.


Qixiang industrial router is ideal for intelligent transportation network connectivity, transfer data from monitor machine to data center, enable video surveillance provide real-time monitoring of traffic incidents and accidents, help to solve traffic problem efficiently.


  • Cost-effective and time-effective for easy deployment and relocation
  • Fast return on investment
  • Good environmental adaptability
  • Worldwide 4G high speed network access
  • Cloud-based platform make it easy to management
  • Machine fault location & immediate troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits
  • Support Remote monitoring, reboot, configuration, upgrade, etc

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