WiFi Antenna (Magnetic Type)

Qixiang supply magnetic type WiFi antenna which work with Qixiang 4G/3G router and modem, they make it easily find the best signal location. 

Antenna Type: Magnetic

Support Type: 2.4Ghz WiFi

Frequency Range: 2400Mhz-2500Mhz

VSWR: <=2

Gain (dBi) Options: 3dBi

Impout Impedance (Ω): 50 ohm

Polarization: Linear\Horizontal

Connector Type: SMA Male

Operating Temperature: -35℃~+80℃

Cable Length Options: 3 Meters/5 Meters/10 Meters

Recommend Router/Modem: QX210, QX310, QX510, QX520, QR310, SDS100/200 series industrial grade cellular router/modem 

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